Tokyo Dawn Labs – Molot GE v1.0.4 Retail Win VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

Translated from Russian means “Hammer”, “Hammer” is the name of a popular dynamic compressor released in 2011 by Vladislav Goncharov.
With a modernized concept, enhanced flexibility and a generous dose of rock and roll, Molot GE is proud to take on the work of its predecessor.
Add. Information :
-Musical intriguing compression flavors
-Ogranichitel brick wall analog type
-Produmannaya saturation section
-Section creative tone control
-Dvuhstupenchataya synchronization section that provides control over the behavior of the automatic shutter
-type compression feedforward and feedback
-Adjustable stereosvyaz based crossover
-Detailed paint features such as negative ratios, side chain phase rotation and bit crushing
-Various quality modes including zero-lag
operation -M / S mode with dedicated width adjusters
– Workflow of equal volume, with equal volume bypass and equal volume control

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